What is HPT?

Highperformancetrucks.com or HPT is an automotive enthusiast web site showcasing the most outrageous performance trucks, SUVs and SUTs from a variety of automotive manufacturers, tuners and racers worldwide. HPT is devoted to its members interested in modifying and racing trucks, SUVs and SUTs for on or off road use.

We hope HPT will inspire its members to push the performance envelope of their vehicles to unimaginable limits, ultimately resulting in automotive machinery that can match or even exceed the performance levels of some of the worlds premiere sports cars while still maintaining their utilitarian use.

How does HPT source its vehicle information?

HPT's database contains information and media collected from various automotive resources from around the web. Whenever possible we attempt to list the source of the material as a means of reciprocation. If you disapprove of our use of your material on HPT, please inform us and we will promptly remove your material from our web site.

Is the information on HPT accurate?

HPT does its best to compile accurate information about the trucks, SUVs and SUTs in its database. However HPT shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from any inaccuracies in its database.

"We're going road racing in a truck. That's so wrong." - Gale Banks