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Default 02-27-07 Update - Dedicated to Dave "Myclone"

Good Evening All,

This has been a very long week and a very sad Week.
We lost a great guy in the SyTy Community and he will be Dearly missed.

One of his last post over on was in my build thread. Dave asked if I would adopt him.
The answer is yes but I think you a little to old to be my son and no you can't drive my truck.
So you are going to have to sit in the passenger seat.

The seat is yours Dave - gonna miss you big guy.

Okay I will try to go to back to the updates.

The New Head Gaskets arrived

Getting ready to rip the truck apart again.

Don't try this at home alone -- not a good idea.
Really I am going to buy a lift for my garage.

Wait I have an idea anyone want to sponsor me.

The Bed off and on it's body work stand.
Looks like I am going to need to contact Caleb and ask him if he set it up for 7 foot tall body men. :dunno:

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