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Default ***Video*** 1st time to road course with manual transmission GMC Syclone "Syborg"

Reno SCCA Time Trials at Reno-Fernley Racetrack April 21, 2012 Configuration H.

First time out on a racetrack with the new custom manual transmission, pedal box, remote shifter and steering column. Temps were in the 80 range and the track was a bit greasy at times. My best lap time was a 2:02.483 which is about 6 seconds quicker than my best lap time with the automatic transmission on the same track configuration. Mechanically everything worked flawlessly and nothing overheated. The truck behaved quite differently since the transmission swap and I can feel the weight loss and it responds to turn in better with less understeer. I had only two complaints really. I found the heel and toe a bit challenging as I probably need to re-adjust the pedal heights so it's easier to blip the throttle and my left shin suffers from fatigue as now there is no dead pedal thanks to the clutch pedal taking up space. All in all it was lots of fun and rewarding knowing that the culmination of time, money and effort is beginning to pay off. One thing I'm going to have to accept is the fact the truck's center of gravity is just too high and really not much can be done to change this without tube framing it and completely changing the suspension pick up points. At that point, it's not even a truck anymore. I have a few more tweaks up my sleeve that should gradually lower my lap times aside from improving my driving technique. We'll just have to wait and see.

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