PPG Indy GMC Syclone
Years 1991
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 4.3L Turbocharged v 6
Power 280hp (208.9kW) @ 4400 rpm
360lb-ft (486.0Nm) @ 3600 rpm

Three Indy Syclones were used at the Indianapolis 500 race on May 24th, 1992 with the only modifications being a sticker package. One of these Indy trucks was converted into the PPG Syclone Pace Truck (though it was not the official pace car) with significant modifications, including a multi-colored silver, magenta, and aqua paint scheme, a molded in light bar in the roof, a racing fuel cell and fire system.

Source: Wikipedia

Repainted Silver Foil, Magenta, and Aqua, with purple tinted clear over silver foil.

Source: Syty.org

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