Monster Garage Chevrolet Blazer Pikes Peak Hill Climber
Years 2004
Base Price $32,331
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 5.7L Supercharged v 8
Power 600hp (447.6kW)

Originally aired: Monday July 26, 2004 on Discovery
Show Stars: Jesse James, Brett Wagner (Announcer (The Big Schwag)), Jesse James (VII) (Himself (The Host)), Thom Beers (Narrator), Tom Prewitt (Himself), Frankie Whiteside (Announcer)

Project vehicle: 1988 Chevrolet Blazer

Design Team: Larry Ragland (Pike's Peak racing record champion), Patrick Janicke (vehicle artist), Randy Ruyle (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb director of competition)

Build Team Randy Ruyle, Pikes Peak local from Cascade, Colorado
Rhys Millen, Racer/Pikes Peak champion, from Huntington Beach, California
Sarah Grenier, Engineer/mechanical specialist from Manchester, New Hampshire
Doug Evans, Mechanic and hot rod builder from San Marco, Texas
Mike Cook, West Coast Choppers special project director from Huntington Beach, California

Day 1

Jesse said he had done figure 8 racing in Long Beach circles. Jesse decided to add roll cage. Designers decided to lower suspension, add a 350hp engine with a supercharger that would raise engine power to 600hp.

Day 2

Jesse told build team to lower suspension by 12 inches. Jesse tracked down a 355 Jeg's motor (freebie) with supercharger, which would arrive in day 5. Axles, engine, transmission were removed.

Day 3

Mike talked about the plan in a meeting. Sarah secured a freebie (steering wheel). Mike found a 1999 Ford Ranger front axle for $200. Doug started building roll cage. Jesse test fit a model seat. A used Ford Ranger front frame with axle ($400) arrived. Jesse lowered vehicle's ground clearence to 7 inches. Jesse drove away with 1971 Barracuda. Builders tried to make front suspension to have 7 inch clearence, but they could only lower it to 9.5 inch. Builders decided to finalize decision in morning.

Day 4

Build team decided to raise vehicle by 2 inches, and not to tell Jesse about the change. Doug decided to weld the lifted design. Leaf springs were hidden further inside chassis. Racing rear axle ($2000) arrived. Jesse returned to garage and wore a blonde mallet wig. Build team mounted rear axle, leaf springs, rear shocks. Rear shock did not fit, so Rhys remounted shocks. Steering wheel and racing seat arrived. Jesse tested seat and steering mounts. Jesse played with fireworks inside garage. Sarah described parts of projects to be completed.

Day 5

Rhys and Mike installed steering mechanism. Jeg's 350 craig engine, B&M automatic transmission, Vortech supercharger (freebie), Goodyear tires (freebie) arrived. Build team mounted engine and transmission. Ricky Best installed supercharger. A large Fuel Safe fuel cell (freebie) and a small Fuel Safe fuel cell arrived. Build team's design included water sprinkler to cool radiator. Sarah installed red cell. Build team mounted gear-lever.

Day 6

Ron Davis radiator (freebie) arrived. Builders cut frame to fit radiator. Doug Thortley exhaust header arrived. Builders found exhaust headers did not fit. Jesse arrived. Hannemann front body panels (freebie) arrived. Jesse made redirect headers by using scrap pipes. Tires were mounted. Jesse broke clock with header at 5:38pm. Jesse installed exhaust headers. Ricky Best tuned engine. Build team refitted body panels. After 10pm, Jesse succesfully tested the vehicle. Jesse raced against Buildo?'s 1988 GMC Blazer. Jesse won the race. Jesse handed out new toolboxes and Monster Garage CD.

Build cost tally:
Hard Cash: $5636 Freebie Value: $20649 Vehicle Cost: $6000 Grand Total: $32331

Day 7

Vehicle number 69 arrived to Colorado Rocky Mountain. Drivers prayed. Jesse brought a cane after he had crashed in Irvindale Speedway a few weeks ago. Jesse joined exhibition class of the race. Jesse finished the race in 15 minutes 4 seconds.


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