Bowler Wildcat
Years 2000
Curb Weight 4,015 Lbs.
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 4.6L Naturally Aspirated v 8
Power 300hp (223.8kW)
295lb-ft (398.3Nm) @ 2600 rpm
Performance 0-60: 4.8sec.

The Bowler Wildcat is an off-road vehicle made by Bowler Offroad Ltd of Belper, Derbyshire, based on the Land Rover Defender. The vehicle has direct official support from Land Rover, and has been entered in various rallies including the Dakar Rally

Richard Hammond of the British automotive programme Top Gear tested the Bowler, and exclaimed that I am a driving GOD!!, due to the Bowlers speed and handling on the rough terrain. The show's racing driver The Stig took the Bowler to a time of 1:39.4 on the test track, making it the fourth slowest car tested, but still a remarkable time given its off-road tires and tall stance. It appeared again in the 5th series where it raced a 16-year old teenager on an all-terrain board down the "Green Mile", an offroad skateboarding course, after the teenager had beaten a Mitsubishi Evo Group N rally car. The Bowler's offroad tires and strong build allowed it to navigate the obstacles with ease and defeat the teenager.

Source: Wikipedia

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