Ralph Voorhees Turbo Ford Lightning
Years 1993
Drivetrain Front / Rear
Engine 6.2L Turbocharged v 8
Power 1,410hp (1,051.9kW)
Performance 1/4mile: 8.250 @ 161.590 mph (260.2kph)

Ralph Voorhees 1993 Gen 1 Lightning

12 Point Cage w/ Funny Car Loop (Window Net, Certified Cage, & Belts make me Legal to Run 8's)

This truck Runs 9.59's @ 152 mph .... Owner Ralph Voorhees ...Driver Ralph Voorhees.

383ci. Ford
(T-91) Turbonetics Turbo.
Home Track is Englishtown, Raceway Park in New Jersey

Fiberglass Doors, Window Net, Fiberglass Front-End, & Lexan Windows

Ford 9'' (STRANGE) Rear & 3.89 Pro Gears

383ci. Turbo w/ Spearco Intercooler

Hogan Custom Sheetmetal Intake from Jason Browns Turbo Truck, 90mm T/B Dumps into a Sperco Air to Water Intercooler

Massive (T-101) Super Thumper Turbo will Support Over 1,900 HP

Rear Tires are 33x16.5 S Hoosier Drags

Source: Dragtrucks.com

383ci. Stroker
Turbonetics (T-101) Turbo
Sperco Air-Water Intercooler
FMS 351w Block
TFS High Port Racing Heads by Fox Lake
Comp Solid Roller Turbo Cam
160# Injectors
Weldon Race Pump
Hogan Custom Sheetmetal Intake
TH400 Transmission
Front-Halfed & Back-Halfed
9" Ford w/ Strange 3.89 Pro Gears
12 Point Cage w/ Funny Car Loop

Best 1/4 mile Pass in 2006

60' 1.243
330 3.459
1/8 5.292
MPH 133.76
1000 6.887
1/4 8.254
MPH 161.59

On the 0-60 mph calculator
One of the Fastest Street Cars The Lamborghini Diablo VT runs it in 3.40 seconds....
My truck runs it in 1.06 seconds....

My truck on a Dyno Jet made 1,247 rear wheel horse power. We All lose around 13% through the drive line when calculating Crank HP. to Wheel HP.. All Cars & Trucks Horse Power Numbers are rated at the Crank from the Factory when they are built. My truck makes an Amazing 1,410 HP. at the Crank.

Source: Theautolog.com/profile.php?member=RocketMan93&vehicle=1715
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