Pro Challenge Road Race Truck
Years 2003-2006
Drivetrain Front / Rear
Engine 1.1L Naturally Aspirated i 4
Power 180hp (134.3kW)

Pro Challenge road race truck for sale as described by current owner Sam Moses:

Pro Challenge chassis of .095 wall thickness, so it's legal for SCCA racing. The skin is aluminum and fiberglass panels, can strip to the chassis in minutes. It's a 3/4-scale Ford F150. The truck was rebuilt by the Pro Challenge factory in 2006, for a few thousand dollars. They sold it to a guy who road raced it two times, in NASA, matching lap times with a hot Lotus Super 7 at Summit Point. I paid $7000 for it, plus another $2400 for transport to Oregon. He gave up racing because of a bad neck.

I rebuilt it again, beefing up the rollcage and changing to a Winters Quick change rear end, and improving the rear suspension with a third link and better mounting points, for $total cost of more than $4000. Have four gear ratios. The shop that installed the Winters made a driveshaft mistake, and we broke a driveshaft on the dyno, blowing a big hole in the floor. A new shop, more improvements making it stronger and safer, another $3000. The new shop used to campaign Trans-Am cars, and is considered the best in the Northwest.

I raced it once, two heats, 50 troublefree minutes, but it needs suspension sorting and more horsepower. I did a bunch of research on the best engine to swap, and without doubt it's the Suzuki Hayabusa for power, torque, price, reliability, ease of swap and availability of parts. I paid $3250 for an '06 with 4558 miles on it (they're plentiful from wrecked bikes) complete with fuel injection and ready to bolt in. It's still in the crate. Should make as much as 180 hp, compared to the Kaw's 100hp on the dyno before we broke the driveshaft (at nearly 12k rpm in 6th gear).

I'm an old motorcycle road racer, as well as stock car road racer, and I love this car for its hybrid qualities. Feels like a stock car from the inside, and gets constant compliments on how cool it is. And it handles like a formula car. I've been around racing for 40 years, since high school, and this racetruck is and feels unique. Especially the six-speed sequential gearbox. I tightened up and beefed up the linkage, and it's beautiful. It's possible to shift without the clutch, but I won't. Longevity is more important to me than shaving hundredths of seconds. A slipper clutch can be added to the Hayabusa by the way, and that would remove the weakest link to any racecar with a motorcycle engine, the gearbox.

I'm selling it mostly because last winter I acquired the 1982 ex-Bobby Labonte NASCAR Oldsmobile that I drove in 1983. It needs an engine and transmission, which the Ninja Ford racetruck will have to pay for.

I'm asking $15k for everything, including 4 extra wheels with Hoosier slicks with decent rubber left, good for practice, unknown number of heat cycles. I've also got a cool 14-foot flatbed trailer that it fits perfectly on, negotiable.

Source: Sam Moses
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