Bowler Nemesis
Years 2008
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 4.2L Supercharged v 8 (Gasoline)
Introducing the Bowler Nemesis

the result of experience gained from the Wildcat along with the latest in Land Rover and rally raid technology. Our new vehicle is a full blown desert racer designed to cope with the harshest events the World Off Road Rally circuit can provide. Fully independent adjustable suspension to maintain traction over the roughest terrain. A lower centre of gravity, wider track and longer wheelbase provide greater stability and poise at speed. This vehicle will provide the same thrill of our previous race vehicles but with added performance and refinement. The aggressive muscular lines are a reminder of the vehicles racing heritage.

The Chassis

The Nemesis has an MSA approved advanced tubular space frame. Designed with race experience and the latest computer technology. High strength steel tubing has been used in the roll cage and main braces making the cab both strong and extremely safe whilst keeping the upper body weight to a minimum.

The Body

The body of the Nemesis is composed primarily of Twin-tex, the properties of the material allow high surface impact without the tearing and shattering associated with GRP. Carbon fibre is used on areas where a high strength to weight ratio is required.


With a fuel capacity of 415 ltrs this vehicle is more than capable for the extreme stages of the Dakar. The fuel cell has been designed to give a low centre of gravity whilst allowing maximum space for the storage of general and emergency supplies. The rear tailgate acts as a base for mounting the sand ladders, shovels and the hydraulic jack. The lifting rear upper tailgate and side hatches allow easy access to all of the afore mentioned items including the dampers.

Engine Options

Mounted in a mid longitudinal position to optimise balance and stability The vehicle will be available with a 4.4ltr naturally aspirated V8 and a 4.2ltr Supercharged V8 (None FiA) A 4ltr V8 is in development to maximise performance within the FiA rally structure.


A 6 Speed Manual gearbox fitted as standard with the option of a dog engagement race box, 60/40 Torque split, limited slip centre differential with over-lock, limited slip centre front and rear differential.


The independent suspension geometry has been designed and modelled to give specific handling characteristics and driver comfort. The vehicle has 3-way adjustable Donerre dampers with their patented fast rebound system, hydraulic droop and bump stops. The remote reservoirs are positioned to take advantage of cooled ram air supplied by the bonnet ventures and side scoops.


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