Millen Works Pikes Peak Unlimited Toyota Tacoma
Years 1998
Curb Weight 1,950 Lbs.
Drivetrain Mid / AWD
Engine 2.1L Turbocharged i 4 (TRD Blend)
Power 800hp (596.8kW)
1,100lb-ft (1,485.0Nm)

The Pikes Peak Toyota Tacoma was designed as an evolution of the record holding Pikes Peak Toyota Celica. Lessons learned in suspension, engine tuning, drivetrain, structural stiffness/weight, and aerodynamics were applied to the Tacoma in order to improve performance. Race conditions, however, have hindered efforts to set a new world record with this vehicle.


Body Type: Pennzoil Toyota Tacoma
Graphic Design: Mark Jones
Paint: Lanzini Body Works
Drive System: All-Wheel Drive


Engine Preparation: Toyota Racing Development, U.S.A
Type: 4 Cylinder, Twin Cam, 4 Valves per Cylinder, Fuel Injected, Turbocharged
Displacement: 2.1 Liters
Lubricant: Pennzoil
Fuel: TRD Blend


Transmission: Traction Products 5-speed Non-Synchronized 4-Wheel Drive Gearbox


Curb Weight: 1950lbs
Overall Length: 182"
Overall Width : 76"
Overall Height: 46"


Type: Chrome-Moly Steel Tube Frame Chasis


Materials: Carbon Fiber Body, Front and Rear Underwing (Ground Effect Tunnels)
Carbon Fiber: The Advanced Composites Group


Shock Absorbers: Ohlins
Front: Double A-Arm with Pushrod and Rocker, Coil Over Suspension
Rear: Double A-Arm with Pushrod and Rocker, Coil Over Suspension


Type: Power Assisted Rack and Pinion


Discs and Pads: Carbon Industrie Carbon/Carbon
Disc Size, Front: 14"
Disc Size, Rear: 14"
Caliper, Front: Brembo 8 Piston
Caliper, Rear: Brembo 8 Piston


Wheels, Type/Size: BBS Wheels Front: 17"x12.5" Rear: 17"x12.5"
Tires: BF Goodrich Experimental Comp T/A P335/30ZR17


Rod Millen, Newport Beach, California


Manager/Engineer Jack Auld
Manager/Engineer John Dunne
Aerodynamic Engineer Dr. Joseph Katz
Aerodynamic Engineer Lee Dykstra

Source: Millen Works, Rod Millen
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