Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution Concept
Years 2001
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 3.5L Turbocharged v 6
Power 450hp (335.7kW)

With the dynamic styling of a sports car, the Pajero Evolution can go where few others would dare to venture. This two seater car is designed for modern adventurers who are seeking new challenges. The interior protects occupants with a steel safety cage and durable materials resistant to extreme temperatures.

Equipment also includes and boards, a water tank, space for luggage and a “survival kit” with dried food. Technology onboard includes telephone, internet access and satellite navigation.

This is an “off-road” car with oversized bumpers, rear spoiler and 22” ally rims with 285/45/R22 tyres equipped with the technology to maintain mobility even when punctured. The Pajero Evolution will be powered by a 450 hp, 3.5 litre, 24 valve V6 Biturbo engine. This power will be controlled by a 6 speed sequential gearbox and permanent AWD.


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"We're going road racing in a truck. That's so wrong." - Gale Banks