Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution 2+2 Concept
Years 2002
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 4.7L Turbocharged v 8

The Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution 2+2 concept car furthers the design and performance promise shown in the previous Pajero Evolution Concept show car first displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in late 2001. While the previous model was a sheer expression of passion and enthusiasm, the later model is a more realistic road-going car.

The latest concept car boasts sophisticated styling, additional seating (hence its 2+2 designation) and upgraded trim for a civilised drive about town—or any other situation.

The first V8 for a Mitsubishi SUV backs up refinement with the beauty of power.

The Pajero Evolution 2+2 is the striking vision of Olivier Boulay’s global design team with its new design philosophy. Certain design elements and specifications that were reflected in 2001’s competitive model were once again emulated. For example, the functional elegance of the Pajero is complemented with design elements that inspire passion and awaken the senses.

As on Mitsubishi’s other recent concept cars, the logo mark is larger and is part of the front-end design, but unlike the other cars, on the Pajero Evolution 2+2 it also serves to reinforce the link between Mitsubishi’s successful rally activities and its production cars.

For a civilised look and feel that befits Mitsubishi’s vision of the ultimate four-wheel drive (4WD) town car, quality appointments were made inside and out. The front end benefits from a new grille design that expresses the power of the new V8, while a new rear wing adds a sporty and functional touch to the all-purpose civility of the car. New seats, more sophisticated materials and design features highlight the enhancements to the interior and encourage up to four occupants to enjoy the Pajero adventure in comfort and luxury.

For all its refinements, the Pajero Evolution 2+2 has not forgotten its roots. Mitsubishi’s achievement in this year’s Dakar has advanced what Mitsubishi seeks in its quest for the ultimate in SUV performance, and this new iteration better reflects that. In addition to the advanced drivetrain technologies that were featured on the previous model, such as Super Select 4WD, AYC (Active Yaw Control), and ACD (Active Centre Differential), the Pajero Evolution 2+2 is equipped with a 4.7-litre V8 engine for all-terrain performance.

From the motorways of the city to the trackless dunes of the desert, the Pajero Evolution 2+2 is the ultimate SUV.


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