Edo Competition Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Years 2006
Curb Weight 5,940 Lbs.
Drivetrain Front / AWD
Engine 4.5L Turbocharged v 8
Power 610hp (455.1kW) @ 6300 rpm
579lb-ft (781.7Nm) @ 4300 rpm
Performance 0-60: 4.6sec.

Technical data:

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Engine type and mounting position
Front engine, V8 bi-turbo modifications: engine, exhaust-gas system, chassis.

Cubic capacity/output/ power output per liter displacement:

Engine watercooled 8-cylinder-V engine with Bi-turbocharger, Intercooler, four ventilators per cylinder, Cubic capacity 4500 cm', max. supercharging pressue1.0 bar capacity 620 HS (455 kW) at 6300/min, maximum torque 785 Nm at 4300/min, power output per liter displacement 138 HS/L

Adjustable KW-sports chassis, separate und independant from each other, adjustable pressure und rebound damping( absorbability), height-adjustable und TÜV (MOT)-aproved adjustable continuous range of adjustable rebound damping, 14-setting compression damping

Tyre dimensions: wheels: Continental Cross Contact UHP, VA: 265/35-22, 295/ 30-22, HA: 295/30-22 on Racing 9,5x22- und 10x22“ rim

Empty weight/ power-to-weight ratio:
ca. 2700 kg

Top speed:
ca. 290 km/h

Acceleration: 0-100 km/h ca. 4.6 sec.

Source: Edo-competition.de

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