Rob Ida Concepts Ford F-150 "Frightning"
Years 2004
Drivetrain Front / Rear
Engine 5.4L Turbocharged v 8
Power 1,000hp (746.0kW)

Our Ford "FRIGHTNING" Built by ROB IDA CONCEPTS, For Bob Ida of Perfect Power USA. Bob uses this truck as a test bed for the fuel injection products that he markets, as well as to promote his dynotuning abilities.

This Twin Turbo F-150 was built for the 2004 SEMA show. It features creative metalshaping in the body as well as an all tubular chassis. A street driven truck, that can be a serious player at the track or at the car shows.

Unique features like a rear mounted radiator, to keep the massive intercooler away from any unneeded heat, as well as keeping the weight to the rear.

More creative metal fabricating and styling up front. The aluminum front body panels have been shaped on and english wheel and hammerwelded.

Custom Colors and Graphics are all a part of the "Total Package" that we pride ourselves on. One-Off 22" billet wheels machined in house by "Billet Bob Ida"

Agressive air intake scoops have been formed into the raer quarter panels. They feed the rear mountd cooling system and massive Wilwood disc brakes.

1000 streetable horsepower. A twin Turbo charged 5.4L DOHC engine with a huge intercooler, custom fabricated headers and intake manifold.. It goes as good as it looks.

Show car deatils, and race car abilities.


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