HPTrucks: Adam Jr at the ALMS Race at Laguna Seca posing with the Cooper Tire Girls http://t.co/ErxLKOf8 @CooperTire

HPTrucks: Manual transmission leads to quicker lap times.About 6 seconds! Best lap time 2:02483 on config H at Reno-Fernley Raceway, SCCA Time Trials.

HPTrucks: Stop using Homeland Security funds to seize imported vehicles, and change the DOT/EPA exemption to 15 years. http://t.co/belRtE9M

HPTrucks: Check out the Syborg GMC Syclone complete Tranzilla T-56 6 speed transmission conversion build thread here: http://t.co/qVRJSUWv

HPTrucks: Tilton aluminum pedal box recently installed by Samco Fabrication. A 3rd pedal in a Syclone? No room any longer for the OEM steering column.

HPTrucks: 6 speed AWD Syclone project under way. Rockland Standard Gear's tranny guru George bustin' out the 850 ft lb rated T56 Magnum manual tranny.

HPTrucks: Syborg is ready to do battle, but needs some time in the trenches. Anyone up for some test n' tune at Reno Fernley Racetrack real soon?

HPTrucks: Nathan McBride of Alchemy Motorsports Group fabbed up some trick FIA tow hooks for our SCCA Time Trials at Reno Fernley Racetrack on May 21.

HPTrucks: Syborg ran 10.99@126 mph at Sacramento Raceway. That's "hauling" for a 10 second road race pickup truck on moonshine no less!

HPTrucks: Initial tune on E85 complete. Final tune at Sierra Sierra Enterprises soon. Hopefully will make more power per cubic dollar!

HPTrucks: Upgrade to E85 compatible fuel system nearly complete. Pro fuel cell & Bosch 044 fuel pump done. Next 96# injectors and a engine retune.

HPTrucks: The Syborg gets stiffer up front. We're speaking of the spring rates of course. Installing 1000# Hyperco springs.

HPTrucks: Doing the April Mojave Mile event running E85 &, new crank trigger & vacuum pump.Sealed up a turbo leak.Expecting 170 mph+ if all goes well.

HPTrucks: Should we put the mighty V6 mill behind the cab?

Published: Fri, 24 Dec 2010 07:04:03 +0000

HPTrucks: Should we put the mighty V6 mill behind the cab?

HPTrucks: Speedhunters.com liking the Syborg! http://speedhunters.com/archive/2010/11/29/random-snap-gt-gt-the-syborg.aspx

HPTrucks: Congrats to Sierra Sierra Enterprises on breaking the Buttonwillow Raceway lap record in their possessed Mitsubishi Evolution!

HPTrucks: Syborg ran a 2:08 at Reno Fernley Racetrack on configuration F.Truck feels a bit loose for my liking.Going to tweak the chassis setup a bit.

HPTrucks: Making final preparations on Syborg for SCCA Time Trials season finale at Reno-Fernley Racetrack this Saturday. Truck should go like stink!

HPTrucks: Crisp handling thanks to Alchemy Motorsports. Huge rear anti-roll bar. 700lb front, 450lb rear springs. Front camber -2.5°, front toe -2mm.

HPTrucks: Syborg decided to take a nap on side of hwy 341 en route to Alchemy Motorsports for suspension tweeking. Replaced ignition module.Good 2 go!
"We're going road racing in a truck. That's so wrong." - Gale Banks